Job Search Planning

6 Surprising Reasons Why People Get Hired In December

When I was a search firm recruiter, I found getting hired during December was very feasible and often it was close to my top billing month for the year. Yet all I hear from job seekers and corporate recruiters this time of year, “December is slow for hiring.”  Well, don’t believe it!  If you are […]

Interview Preparation

6 Types of Stories to Tell During Your Next Interview

There are six types of stories you should have on hand for your next interview: When you solved a problem. When you overcame a challenge. When you made a mistake. When you worked as a leader. When you worked with a team. When you did something interesting. Chances are, these are nothing new to you, […]

Interview Preparation

2 Simple Ways to Persuade Hiring Managers to Hire You

Most job seekers make the mistake of telling prospective employers what they want in a job. And trust me, this is a mistake. Most job seekers make these two job offer killing errors: (1) They tell employers what they want in a new job. (2) They pontificate about everything they have ever done without showing […]

Interview Preparation

Interview Questions You Hope They Don’t Ask

They always ask the interview questions you really hope they don’t ask. Always. No matter how much you pray, do juju voodoo dances, or stay focused on the positive… The hiring manager ALWAYS asks the interview questions you don’t want them to ask. —How much are you making now (it’s not illegal in every US […]

Job Search Planning

How Long Should I Wait For a Job Offer?

“I had an interview two Fridays ago and it went really well! But now I haven’t heard anything. Does it mean I am out of the running? I have followed up twice… Should I follow up again? How long do I wait?” Chris asked this multi-faceted question during a training session. I am going to […]


4 Easy Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views

If people can’t find you, you won’t get hired. You can only get hired if you are discovered. There are many ways to get discovered, but we are going to talk about how to get found on LinkedIn today… I want to show you how to improve your LinkedIn Profile’s ability to show up when […]

Job Search Planning

Job Seekers: Be What They Need, Then Play Hard to Get

Too many job seekers are contorting themselves into a pretzel to desperately please a hiring manager – longingly hoping to be hired. This suck-up-please-approve-me notion is even worse with experienced job seekers. Nothing more nauseating than an experienced person groveling for love from an employer who doesn’t appreciate what they offer. When you seek approval, […]