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Hi, this is Lisa Rangel — I'm the founder of Job landing Academy. I believe everyone deserves to have a job they love...and find it fast.

We spend so much on education, professional development and certifications. But we graduate from these programs without learning how to land a great job.

Well, no more.

I have made it my mission to teach every person who wants to learn how to land a job fast. This is why I created Job Landing Academy.

The Job Landing Academy Difference

Our unique team of experienced corporate and search firm recruiters, have combined 80+ years of recruiting and HR expertise, into building the Job Landing Academy. We’ve helped thousands of people like you find a fulfilling, professional position at a great employer — FASTER.

We have a track record of helping people like you land their dream job!

"I wanted to let you know that I was able to use your methods to recreate my resume after a long search without results. Guess what? It worked! I just got an amazing role! So thank you, thank you, thank you! I wanted you to know that you have helped me and I am truly grateful."
Connie L. — Senior Business Analyst

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Landing a great job successfully takes more than just polishing your resume. Accessing the hidden job market to find the job that fits your requirements, overcoming the lack of response from gatekeepers, closing on your interview, getting the offer, and negotiating the maximum compensation possible - these are all required skills for finding your dream role at a fantastic employer.

Capture The Attention of Great Employers

Learn how to capture and hold the attention of hiring managers and recruiters by making your pro­fessional accomplishments shine across your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letters.

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Your resume tells your professional history – but it’s not your whole story. You need an in-person story that allows you to nail the interview with your prospective employer who wants to hire someone like you. We can show you how!

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a Better Salary

Candidates who negotiate put forth an impression that they know their worth. So negotiate. We'll teach you how to promote your achievements to maximize your compensation from the start.

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Our 10-Minute Resume Cheat Sheet is a concise visual guide to crafting a resume that will get past the gatekeepers and land you an interview. Upgrade to an achivement-centric resume that will capture the attention of hiring managers, in just 10 minutes.

Job Search Planning

6 Surprising Reasons Why People Get Hired In December

When I was a search firm recruiter, I found getting hired during December was very feasible and often it was close to my top billing month for the year. Yet all I hear from job seekers and corporate recruiters this time of year, “December is slow for hiring.”  Well, don’t believe it!  If you are […]

Interview Preparation

6 Types of Stories to Tell During Your Next Interview

There are six types of stories you should have on hand for your next interview: When you solved a problem. When you overcame a challenge. When you made a mistake. When you worked as a leader. When you worked with a team. When you did something interesting. Chances are, these are nothing new to you, […]

Interview Preparation

2 Simple Ways to Persuade Hiring Managers to Hire You

Most job seekers make the mistake of telling prospective employers what they want in a job. And trust me, this is a mistake. Most job seekers make these two job offer killing errors: (1) They tell employers what they want in a new job. (2) They pontificate about everything they have ever done without showing […]

Interview Preparation

Interview Questions You Hope They Don’t Ask

They always ask the interview questions you really hope they don’t ask. Always. No matter how much you pray, do juju voodoo dances, or stay focused on the positive… The hiring manager ALWAYS asks the interview questions you don’t want them to ask. —How much are you making now (it’s not illegal in every US […]

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