Job Search Planning

7 Straightforward Reasons You Weren’t Hired

Am I overqualified? Is it my age? I get asked all of the time by job seekers why they weren’t hired for a job they applied for. I heard the story: You’ve been on a number of interviews and sent out more applications than you can count, but still no luck. If you hear back […]

Interview Preparation

6 Professional Interview Points You Must Cover to Land an Offer

  Whether or not you are in a revenue producing role as an professional, to land an offer in today’s economy, you have to demonstrate how your function contributes to the top/bottom line either directly or indirectly. Addressing these 6 points in your interview better than other fellow job seekers will significantly increase your ability to […]

Interview Preparation

7 Lame Reasons HR May Not Call Back After You Rocked the Interview

  I receive emails almost daily from frustrated job seekers asking me what they should do when they don’t receive any follow up from potential employers after a job interview. Frustrated, mad, disappointed, offended, tired… can you relate to any of those feelings? Those sentiments often fill my inbox, along with the question, “What is […]

Interview Preparation

How Introverts Can Show Passion During a Job Interview

The challenges of introverts in the work force have been well documented in research studies, articles and surveys. After all, it would seem that in order to succeed in your career you would need to be an extravert. One such challenge many introverts face is that of showing passion during a job interview. In particular, […]

Career Advice

Should I Put a Short Term Job on a Resume?

It used to be that you could get away with not putting a short term job on a resume. After all, they are technically frowned upon. However, in this digital age with extensive job search you may actually hurt yourself more if you don’t put the job on the resume. This begs the question, how […]

Career Advice

3 Little Known Ways to Conduct a Long-Distance Job Search (Relocation)

Sometimes the perfect professional level job for you just doesn’t seem to exist in your area. You resolve to looking for jobs that require you to relocate thinking this will help expand your job search. While this may be true, you soon realize there’s a special set of challenges that present themselves when trying to […]