6 Types of Stories to Tell During Your Next Interview

There are six types of stories you should have on hand for your next interview:

  1. When you solved a problem.
  2. When you overcame a challenge.
  3. When you made a mistake.
  4. When you worked as a leader.
  5. When you worked with a team.
  6. When you did something interesting.

Chances are, these are nothing new to you, especially if you’ve been around the job search & interview block before.

But if it’s not your first time in the interview seat, why do these tricky behavioral questions STILL make your palms clammy, knees weak, and your heart plummet to the floor?

I’ll tell you why… but you might not like the answer.

In a sentence, you don’t know how to interview with confidence.

Sure, you know that you need confidence, and the importance of telling CAR stories (challenges, actions, results)…but you can only get so far by scratching the surface with free advice.

What you need need are exercises and ideas to help you dive deep into your experiences, and present them in a way crisp, factual way—that empower you to outshine your fellow applicants.

Because there’s no dancing around the fact that concrete facts breed confidence that beats competitors

Regardless of what your resume says, exuding confidence is an intangible ability that will set you apart from the pack of interviewees, like a diamond amongst crumbled bricks.

If you’ve ever balked, stumbled, or become jittery when asked to share any of the stories above, our ‘Interview Confidently’ package will help you:

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— Enter your interview with carefully planned, perfectly prepared stories to tell that will leave your interviewers jaw hanging (our ‘Interview Confidently’ package lays out how to craft your stories, challenges, and results in a jaw-dropping way).

— Face the difficult, sneaky, and trick questions fearlessly (simply having the confidence to talk openly about WHY you need a job right now will help you stand out…and we’re going to show you how to tap into a level of confidence that closes interviews).

— Be ready, locked, and loaded for the “do you have any questions for us?” question, and prepare “answers” that will shock your interviewer (as seen on Page 30 of ‘Interview Confidently’).

Regardless of where you’ve worked and what you’ve accomplished…if you’re looking for a job right now, the best thing you can do for yourself, your job future, and your security is to learn how to interview with confidence.

For $47, it’s a small price to pay…

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