4 Easy Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views

If people can’t find you, you won’t get hired.

You can only get hired if you are discovered.

There are many ways to get discovered, but we are going to talk about how to get found on LinkedIn today…

I want to show you how to improve your LinkedIn Profile’s ability to show up when a recruiter searches for people like you.

Why is this important?

When hiring managers can find you, they can call you in for an interview and that is an opportunity to get hired.

So let’s do this…

A subscriber asked me “What can I do to have recruiters find my LinkedIn profile?”

She was in the supply chain profession, so here is my answer:

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  • Work the keyword “supply chain” and any other relevant keyword phrases into your tagline (area under your name), your summary and the employment titles you have (without changing your title, obviously — but use a divider | and have relevant keywords after your title).
  • Join more supply chain related LinkedIn groups.
  • Increase your connections with supply chain recruiters, professionals and professionals.
  • Post status updates about supply chain related content. SupplyChainDive is an online publication, and an example of content you can share.

If you want help on how to work the keywords into your profile, find the right LinkedIn groups to join, identify the right people to connect with (and what to say when reaching out to them).

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