Your Resume Has Just 6 Seconds to Make a Great Impression

Recruiters spend an average of only 6 seconds reviewing an professional resume.

The average corporate job posting receives in excess of 250 resumes, with the first resume submitted within seconds of the job posting going live.

Everyone knows a resume needs to stand out and convey the value you’ll bring to an organization. But more than that, it also needs to be structured for the brains of key decision-makers.

Land Your Next Position with Customized Guidance & Insider Expertise You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Our unique team of experienced corporate and search firm recruiters, with over 80 years of combined recruiting experience, has been quoted in prominent media outlets and extensively endorsed by current practicing recruiters. With our combined decades of recruiting and HR expertise, we’ve helped thousands of people like you get the position they’re seeking — FASTER.

The most coveted positions are often unpublished. Do you know how to find them?

According to Jobvite, CareerXRoads, SHRM and other hiring polls, approximately 20% of all available positions ever show up on job boards, while just 10% of hires happen via third-party recruiters. In fact, 70% of all positions are filled via network connections without ever being publicly posted一it’s the hidden game being played all around you.

People who understand the rules are the ones who maintain upward mobility throughout their career. People who don’t . . . tread water and struggle.

Your job search is a business situation that need a methodical solution, exactly like the hundreds you’ve planned and executed successfully dozens of times during your career.

We are the answer to your methodical job search plan

We’ve drawn on our unique experience as former top-tier recruiters and human resources experts to develop the content for Job Landing Academy.  a custom plan that maintains lifetime employability一helping you land your next 6-figure professional position and beyond.

Our team will show you how to craft an achievement-centric resume, LinkedIn Profile and other marketing documents to create a powerful set of career marketing tools and show you the most effective job landing activities to help you land your next position faster.

You will no longer be dependent on job boards or 3rd party recruiters. Our process will help you permanently take back control of your job search and your career, enabling you to generate your own interviews.

Job Landing Academy will teach you to…

  • Use achievement-oriented language that emphasizes your accomplishments and the undeniable value you bring to any organization smart enough to hire you.
  • Create an immediate visual punch that makes you stand out from the pack instantly and win the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Use targeted keywords that make it easy for recruiters to identify you in databases and on social media platforms (where they will be looking).
  • Structure your resume for the recruiter’s brain, not your ego or history… using the counter-intuitive way hiring managers REALLY evaluate candidates and make decisions.

The Get Hired Fast Package

Gain Access To The Hidden Job Market and Reveal Unpublished Positions Using Insider Information To Grab The Attention of Interview-Granting Hiring Managers.

Our 'Get Hired Fast!' Package contains every last important morsel of what you need to make attention-grabbing edits to your resume and LinkedIn profile to land the coveted interview and precisely the offer you want.

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