The Unspoken Reason Why Employers Struggle to Fill 6 Million Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that there are 6 million job openings currently, and this open jobs number been consistent for the last five months.

With unemployment at a record 17-year low at 4.1%, The Washington Post recently cited that employers are engaged in the “biggest scramble for workers in decades.”

Yet I speak to job seekers each and every day who tell me:

“I send a resume and I never hear back from an employer.”

“They interview me, I am perfectly qualified, and I think the interview goes well… Then crickets… I hear nothing but crickets after the interview.”

“The company just reposted the job I interviewed for… WTF?!?! This is my dream job and I know I will knock it out of the park… And they clearly need someone… So why aren’t they hiring me?”

So if candidates are reaching out and perfectly qualified for these open jobs, and employers are struggling to hire for these open jobs it begs the question: Why are employers struggling to fill 6 million open jobs?

I have a theory…

And when I state this theory, be ready because it may piss you off…

My theory?

The problem is you.

The candidate – the problem lies with the candidate.

I believe candidates do not know how to land a job.

Yes, I realize that many of you will reply with the following reasons why employers are having trouble filling these 6 million jobs:

(1) HR does not know what they are doing.

(2) Applicant Tracking Systems are the devil, and my resume is not making it through the ATS even though I have all the right keywords.

(3) Hiring managers won’t give me a chance.

(4) Recruiters can’t see that I have done this job and they are not listening to me when I say I can.

(5) I never had this problem finding a job before, so clearly the problem must reside with the hiring function at the company.

The list can go on and on…

But I say hogwash.

Even if these reasons are true (and I believe there is truth to all of them), it still does not change the fact the fault lies with you.

The reason why you cannot find a job is not HR’s fault, not because of the economy, and not because of some lower cost worker taking your job.

The reason you cannot find a job is because you are not looking the right way for TODAY’S job marketplace.

Own it.

Accept it.

Now take action to change it.

Bonus: Learn how to overcome the biggest hurdle in your job search — yourself. Check out my new Guide on the Job Landing Mindset.

It can be that easy – if you choose to take action to change it.

Here are the actions to take to change your course TODAY and land interviews to get the job you want.

  • Commit to reaching out to 10 people per day (people you know and people you don’t know), and connect with your message of what you are looking to do and learn what they are trying to accomplish.
  • Ensure your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letters are showcasing your relevant achievements and not just a list of job description bullets. Make sure your documents SELL YOU!
  • Prepare your interview wins and closing tactics so you actually close the hiring manager on why you are the right person to hire now. Don’t leave this to chance. Remember, you think HR doesn’t know what they are doing, right? So why leave this to chance!?

Easy enough, right?

Well, it can be, but if you had a churning gut reaction when I said “Easy enough, right?” then that means you need my help.

And here is a super affordable way to get it.

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For $297, you will get:

  • The secret sauce for finding unpublished job openings.
  • The directions to reaching out to your network to meet the 10 people a day activity goal.
  • The road map on how to layout and write your resume, LinkedIn Profile and cover letters to position you as the candidate to hire.
  • The seal-the-deal closing steps to use on your next interview to get the offer you want.

You can change the direction. You can stop the blame game and take back control of your destiny.

You can grab one of those 6 million jobs.

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