interview preparation

Interview Preparation

8 Insights into HR’s Mind When You Are Being Interviewed

Inside the mind of a hiring manager is a desirable place to be, if you are a job seeker.  Specifically, job seekers want to know what goes on inside the mind of a recruiter before, during and after an interview. The Job Landing Academy has over 80 years of collective search firm recruiting, corporate recruiting, […]

Job Search Planning

7 Straightforward Reasons You Weren’t Hired

Am I overqualified? Is it my age? I get asked all of the time by job seekers why they weren’t hired for a job they applied for. I heard the story: You’ve been on a number of interviews and sent out more applications than you can count, but still no luck. If you hear back […]

Interview Preparation

10 Crucial Interview Points to Leave a Lasting Impression

How do you leave a lasting impression on your next interview? You land an interview for an incredible professional-level position you discovered online or through your network. What a relief to receive the interview call for this opportunity! The door is officially open and your foot is officially in the door. Now it’s time to […]